Buyers and Sellers Warning

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Buyers and Sellers Warning

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To all buyers and sellers:

Buyers - the preferred buying method is PayPal. If a seller does not offer PayPal or is not willing to get a PayPal account then you should be careful about buying the item(s). If on the other hand you have enough evidence about the seller that such seller is trust worthy and carries a good reputation then you can opt to pay by money order or check. PayPal, Money Order, Check are the only methods of payments we recommend, in that order. PayPal is always the preferred method. Note - users identified as a "vendor" will have their own e-commerce checkout system on their website which may not be PayPal.

Sellers - if you are selling anything it has to be something related to your DIY, no exceptions. You should have a PayPal account created to support your sales. If your reputation is well-known & trust-worthy then you should accept money order or check as payment. Vendors are the exception to this rule.

There is no such thing as "paying to be a vendor" here. If you are a company selling turbo kits, tires, vehicle parts, etc, you are welcome to advertise your stuff for sale, but whatever it is you are selling/advertising it must be wrapped into a DIY.

AutoDIYstuff does not facilitate any transactions for any buyer or seller other than those items that might be sold by AutoDIYstuff.