PayPal Made Easy

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PayPal Made Easy

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here's a quick easy way for you to use PayPal in your posts.

1. generate a BuyNow button in your PayPal acct, do not use any of the "Customize button" options. when you save the button you should have two options of "Website" and "Email". use the "Email" tab and copy out the id number.

2. use this code in your posts, but paste over the ### with your item id number from step-1 above. this code uses a PayPal button from this site.

Code: Select all

3. optionally, if you want to consolidate your items you should make one post somewhere in the forums that is just a post with all of the items you have for sale. then from within any DIY post you do provide a link over to your consolidate page. this option allows you to manage all of your for sale items within a single post, etc. the items listed on this single post should have links back to the applicable DIY page.
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